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Ooops... we are sorry to inform you that Ohkult, the shop, was closed indefinately on 27 February, 2004. We have plans no re-open it someday, somewhere, but as for now: all you can read here is passé...

Ohkult was more than a small shop: it was the local castle of contemporary pop culture. As maybe the one and only instituton of its kind in the dumb little capital of Hungary, we were doing our hardest to deliver fun and colour into the everyday life of visitors and residents alike. Surely, as a shop, we did this via selling things. Here's a small selection:

music, movies from Hungarian bands and international underground acts
two headed bears and sheeps
original artwork from David Bowie
T-Shirts, fine clothes and fashion accessories
cartoons, contemporary international art books and fresh novels form young writers
selected kitsch pieces and hand picked gadgets
Jordi Labanda products

We are very proud that the famous The Face magazine featured our store twice in 2002. Happily we'been a favourite for the Hungarian since our opening - thanks! We also did 20 radio shows with various guests in 2002. Bence Gyulai became our very own art blogger and trend watcher, who publishes his essays weekly here on our site in Hungarian.

Download our web advert movie - take care, it is abnormal and is meant to be shocking! It has been downloaded over 45.000 times since Summer 2003, which is a lot! This could not have been possible without the promotion of many a bizarre web sites around the globe :-) You have been warned.

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We were in downtown Budapest, Hungary. You can still email us at info@ohkult.hu
The shop was designed, opened, ran and is now suspended by RKCS.